Prenatal Yoga

Practising yoga during pregnancy can be a useful preparation for birth. Yoga helps women experience their pregnancy with less discomfort and helps to boost blood and lymphatic circulations, reduce fluid retention, relieve aches, spasm and pains as well as to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles essential for birth. Yoga also offers you the opportunity to connect with your baby and to attend to changes in your body whilst pregnant.

Spinning Baby Yoga

Tailored 10-day sequence especially designed for mothers with babies that are not yet in the optimal foetal position e.g. breech baby, transverse baby or posterior baby.Every pregnancy is different. We prefer to have this practice tailor-made to help stretch tight ligaments due to poor sitting / standing habits (crossing legs or leaning on one side of the body), stabilise hips and most importantly to align the pelvis with your uterus. Ultimately, we help moms to experience an easier natural birth.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga
  • Easier birth by achieving optimal foetal positioning

  • Bring awareness to your physical changes

  • Help connect you to your growing baby internally

  • Empowers mom-to-be to have a conscious birth experience

  • Keep you fit whilst being sensitive to the baby and yourself

  • Decrease anxiety

  • Strengthen birthing muscles

  • Improves sleep

  • Reduces backache and cramps

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