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Prenatal Private Yoga Class

Prenatal yoga is an ideal preparation for labour and birth. The practice creates awareness and calmness. The practice allows expecting mothers to feel their inner strength, to build up courage to face big changes in life and to relieve anxiety concerning birth process. If you have been active throughout your pre-pregnancy life, private yoga class allows a smooth transition to get back to your active lifestyle.

Prenatal Yoga

5 Most Common Problems During Pregnancy

Pubic Bone Pain

Relaxin hormone has an effect on your public symphysis joint, especially if you have posture imbalance or if your daily hip movement causes the symphysis joints to slide against each other which can be quite painful. Our prenatal practice focuses on stabilising your hips and pelvis, creating strength on your inner thighs and building up pelvic floor muscles support to relieve public bone pain.

Lower Back Pain

This is very common among third trimester expecting mothers as the centre of gravity of the body changes. To adjust according to the change, lower back muscles are always contracting and being compressed. Our prenatal practice will help create length in your lower back and building up strength on your lower abdominals to support the growing weight of your baby.

Constipation and Haemorrhoids

Pregnancy does not mean that you cannot stay active. Inactive lifestyle and pressure on your inner organs causes constipation and worse comes to worse haemorrhoids (most expecting moms get them in the third trimester). Practice together to prevent them from happening!

Pregnant Woman Staying Fit

Stiff Neck and Shoulders

Posture changes couple with hormonal changes can cause stiffness in your body. The prenatal practice is tailored to your daily changes in your body and make sure your discomfort get relieved instantaneously after the practice.

Baby is Yet in Optimal Foetal Position (OFP)

Our daily habit such as cross-legged sitting or slouching in couch limit the space for your baby to navigate inside you. Naturally baby is able to navigate into OFP. However, our modern lifestyle makes us work in front of cell phones or computers all day long. This causes a very high C-section rate because of the foetal positioning. Our practice helps expecting mothers to find the space that is always there in your body and also helps create new space for baby to move into optimal foetal positining.

Bridge Pose

When Shall I Start Practicing?

We recommend expecting mothers to start in the second trimester or after you have received your OB&G permission letter in case of complicated pregnancy.

Yoga Practice


Eva Y

Michelle provided such genuine, thoughtful, supportive and friendly insight through my journey to becoming a new mother! She has supported me from prenatal yoga classes, Spinning Baby workshop, all the way to lactation consultancy!!

Yumana L

It’s conducted in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Michelle is very kind and informative, answering all sorts of questions to ease moms-to-be. Lots of tips I remembered and put into use during labour especially the breathing exercises.

Amy L C

My husband and I found Michelle’s workshop very useful in preparing for our baby’s arrival. She provided a practical and well thought through education of labour and breastfeeding and helped us feel more confident about these processes.

Online Class

產前瑜伽 Prenatal Yoga

產前瑜伽 Prenatal Yoga

產前瑜伽 Prenatal Yoga