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Weaning & Solid Food Introduction Workshop

This class is suitable for new parents, grandparents, confinement ladies, your baby's major caregivers. It is available in both Cantonese or English. The skills are applicable to newborn at 3-12 months old.


You Will Learn

  • A smooth transition from breastfeeding or formula feeding to solid food

  • Comparison between traditional weaning and baby led weaning

  • Three major developmental milestones which tell baby is ready to wean

  • How to start and food choices

  • Useful tools to help prepare baby's food

  • Other resources about weaning your baby e.g. books recommended, shops to get weaning tools etc.


Private Workshop Available

Enrolment fee for Weaning Workshop

HK$4,800 per household

Private classes can take place at your comfortable home or online. The workshop lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes for home visits.

It includes a tailored discussion about each care-giver's role and which type of weaning options is the recommended for your household. One month follow up through online platforms.

Make A Booking

On Demand Online Class

Enrolment fee for online Paediatric First Aid Class

HK$200 per user

To apply for certificate, there will be an additional HK$50 charged for each application.

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