Paediatric First Aid Class

This class is suitable for new parents, confinement ladies, caregivers, domestic helpers and midwives. It is available in both Cantonese or English. The skills are applicable to newborn at 0-12 months old.

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You Will Learn

  • Basic Principles of first aid

  • Choking infant

  • Infant Recovery Position

  • CPR for infant

  • Introduction to Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

  • First-aid for burns

  • First-aid checklist for home

First Steps

Can I get a Certificate?


All participants need to pass the student assessment which tests participants’ practical skills of CPR and first aid. Students will obtain a first aid certificate. This certificate will be valid for three years. An additional fee of HK$50 will be charged for the certificate.

First Aid


Private Classes Available

Enrolment fee for Paediatric First Aid Class

HK$3,000 per household

Private classes can take place at your comfortable home or online.

To apply for certificate, there will be an additional HK$50 for each application.

On Demand Online Class

For Enquiry:WhatsApp +852 9561 7453 




For future detail about the online course


Enrolment fee for online Paediatric First Aid Class


To apply for certificate, there will be an additional HK$50 charged for each application.