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The Best Food for Baby

We understand how important and how invaluable it is to give your baby the best. Breast is the best. As lactation consultants, we have no doubt about it. Many mothers struggle from the very beginning of their breastfeeding journey. We are here to guide you and hold your hands to make sure you have a good start and do things right on the very first day of being a new mother.

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Professional Lactation Service

We provide tailor-made consultation and treatment that fit into your baby's and your family's specific needs. Together, we walk with you and your family from pregnancy to your baby's first birthday and help tackle breastfeeding problems. Some common problems include delayed milk supply, insufficient milk production, blocked ducts, mastitis, poor latch, cracked or sore nipples.

Baby Breastfeeding

Tackle The Top 5 Most Common Problems

Poor Latch - Practical and clear guidance on how to achieve a good latch to prevent you from having nipple pain, to ensure baby has enough breastmilk intake to decrease weight loss early post-birth.

Cracked/ Sore Nipples - A correct latch and breastfeeding position will prevent you from having sore or cracked nipple. We analyse how the pain or cracks are formed and help correct baby's latch accordingly. This helps you achieve a longer breastfeeding journey and helps achieve your goal.

Engorgement Pain - When milk starts to come in (2-3 days after vaginal birth, 3-4 days after Caesarian Section), engorgement pain can be a hindrance for a smooth start of breastfeeding. We design ways to help you relieve the engorgement pain once you have been discharged. 

Low Milk Supply - Very often, this comes up in the first week post birth. We have a full 5-day program to ensure you seize the first 7 days, which is the golden period to establish your breastmilk supply.

Blocked Duct - Prevention is always better than cure. The two major preventive measures of blocked duct are good latch (or pick a good pump) and a healthy frequency of direct feeding (or pumping). We design your pumping or feeding schedule according to you and your family needs.

Breast Milk Pump

Why Hire an IBCLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is lactation specialist, and is certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examinars (IBCLE) only after rigorous training, thousands of clinical hours and passing comprehensive medical exams. This is the highest level of specialisation available in lactation. In Hong Kong, there are over 200 IBCLC's. They are mostly registered nurses hired by local public or private hospitals. Instead of practising in a hospital setting, our privately practising IBCLC's make home visits for mothers during their confinement period. Clinical recommendations given by IBCLC's are required to be based on scientific researches, which are important for new mothers who very often receive very mixed recommendation from her care-givers.

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Can Breastfeeding be Effortlessly Done?

According to a survey done in 2019 by Family Health Service (FHS) of the Department of Health, 

exclusive breastfeeding rates of babies born in 2018

At Discharge - 87.5%*

At 1 month - 32.6%!

At 6 months - 26.3%!

*Ever breastfeeding rate

Therefore, breastfeeding support after discharge is important!

Smiling Baby

When do I need this service?

Very often, mothers use this service during their early postpartum period, mainly during the first week after being discharged from the hospital. We provides assessment, treatment, and support for any breastfeeding concern, including:

- fussiness or sleepiness at the breast

- frequent feedings

- long feedings

- low milk supply

- slow weight gain

- nipple pain and breast pain

- blocked ducts, mastitis and breast abscess

- babies who are not yet latching or refuse the breast

- tongue-ties and lip-ties (assessment and referral)

- inducing lactation and re-lactation

We are happy to work with babies/ toddlers of any age!

If you are pregnant and looking for general breastfeeding information and education, join us for our group class: 

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Yoga Practice

Claudia S

Michelle also answered my questions and concerns offline, which was a great way to help new and expecting moms de-stress and know that everything is ok!

Adrienne L

She is very professional and thoughtful. She helped clearing my clogs with her massaging skills and it was such a great relief for me!

Manon L

She is very re-assuring. I suspected that I had blocked duct but in fact it was engorgement pain the day I got discharged from hospital.  Michelle reassures me that I do not have blockage nor mastitis. I got the most out of  her 5-hour guided breastfeeding support service.

Lactation Consultation Clinic Service

HK$1,500.- per hour

What's Included?

  • One-on-one analysis by IBCLC 

  • Evaluate the blockage situation (or refusal of breastfeeding situation)

  • Immediate treatment to relieve engorgement pain or blocked ducts

    ​*For home visits, it is restricted to HK Island and an additional HK$500 will be charged

First Three Months Guided Breastfeeding Support After Your Hospital Stay


What's Included?

  • Analysis by an IBCLC on baby's latch and feeding position 

  • Breast pumps assessment and recommendation

  • 3 sessions of (60 minutes) breast massage for relieving engorgement and help establish milk supply

  • Phone consultation service for the first three months

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