Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga is a great way to return to your yoga practice safely and mindfully after giving birth. We think it is even more important to woman's health and wellness than prenatal yoga. Gently support your body as it re-balances while you engage in an extraordinary bonding experience with your little one.

Our postnatal yoga class is suitable for mothers 4 weeks postpartum after natural birth and 6 weeks postpartum after having a Cesarean delivery. Lochia is finished. A medical certificate is required to prove that you are safe getting back to moderate exercises. 

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga


  • Heal diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation due to pregnancy)

  • Sequences for breastfeeding moms

  • Strengthen back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

  • Release tension in shoulders and neck muscles

  • Helps to improve posture

  • Builds patience and inner peace

  • Decreases overall stress and promotes relaxation

  • Create a safe environment to bond with baby

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