Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Are you a first-time mom? If the answer is YES, our prenatal breastfeeding class is something you don't want to miss out.

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Top 5 FAQ's From Expecting Mothers.

Wanting to get start off on the right foot with breastfeeding

This class covers how to get breastfeeding started off on the right foot, common myths and what is normal for the newborn, breastfed baby. We will go over common pitfalls in the early post-birth period, if supplement is needed, risk factors and what to do about them.

Too much information out there!

We handpick the most commonly made mistakes by new mothers and bust myths commonly spread among confinement ladies. Get the most important information you need in this 1-hour interactive class led by an IBCLC International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.


Is breastfeeding more painful than labour?

We will discuss the preventive measures to avoid engorgement pain, cracked nipple pain, blocked ducts and mastitis. This includes picking the correct flange size of your pumps, learning the basic criteria which define good latch and how to feed baby on demand or pump according to baby's demand to make sure you meet the supply or you do not over-supply.

How to sustain breastfeeding until baby is 6 months or beyond?

We will teach you how to tackle a sudden drop in milk supply after your maternity leave, pick the right handheld pumps so that you won't miss out a pumping session when you are back at work.

Failed to feed my first baby. Does it mean I cannot breastfeed my second (or more)?

We address concerns before your next baby arrives. This class is for everyone and intended for parents whose breastfeeding experience didn't go as planned or desired. If you experienced challenges with previous babies, which can include poor latch, needing to supplement, exclusively pumping or not breastfeeding for as long as desired - this class is for YOU!

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When shall I attend this class?

Whether this is your first baby or the newest addition to your growing family, this class is for everyone! We recommend attending in your third trimester.

Topics Include:

Three Secrets About Breastfeeding:

  • How to successfully initiate breastfeeding during your hospital stay?

  • How to breastfeed without going through pain

  • How to sustain breastfeeding until your baby is 6 months or beyond

  • Ultimately useful BONUS tips towards the end to prevent new mothers from having to supplement 

  • Interactive Q&A

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