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Antenatal Intensive Class for Expecting Dads

This class is suitable for new expecting daddies. It is a 2-hour intensive antenatal class. We take into account the pace of modern life, we have years of child birth education experience that let us put wisdom into very convenient, flexible nutshells for busy partners. The class can be delivered in your own space and tailored to your specific needs (planned C section or vaginal birth)


You Will Learn

  • Daily habits  and postures to achieve optimal foetal positioning

  • Signs and symptoms of early labour and preparation for hospital 

  • Partner labour poses in first stage of labour

  • Breathing techniques for different stages of labour

  • Ways to help partner relieve contraction pain

  • Partner's participation in the second stage of labour

  • Partner's help early post-birth

  • Basics about breastfeeding

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What if I have planned for a C-section?


The content can be tailored to your birth plan. If you have chosen a C-section, we will walk you through the procedures and what you can do during the surgery to ease your anxiety or possible side effects of anaesthetic. We also focus more about post birth recovery and how your partner can help you when you are recovering from surgery.

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Private Classes Available

Enrolment fee for Private Antenatal Intensive


per household

Private classes can take place at your comfortable home or online.

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